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Customer Support

Shipping & Delivery

Re-VoltPowerSports products have a $150 shipping fee applied.*

Re-VoltPowerSports every eBike and scooter minimum charge of $150 applied on shipping to major centers (like Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa etc.) Beyond areas i.e. smaller cities – shipping charges will vary from $150-$350**.

Bikes are shipped directly from our Calgary store via UPS, or Canada Post. Tracking number is available as soon as order is shipped.

Large products such as electric scooters, anything over 150 LBS is shipped via LTL freight. Tracking is also available.

Transit times depend on your location but ranging anywhere from 1-8 business days. Our processing time depends on the inventory level. We usually ship within 1-3 business days.

Applicable taxes will be charged i.e. BC Gst5%+Pst7%=12%, AB Gst5%, SK Gst5%+6%Pst+11%, MB Gst5%+Pst7%=12%, ON Hst13%, QC Gst5%+*9.975%=14.975%, NB Hst15%, NS Hst15%, NL Hst15%, PEI Hst15%.

Re-VoltPowerSports DOES NOT ship to USA and Internationally.

If you have any questions about our bikes, availability or placing order please email at anytime at

*Shipping prices are subject to change without notice and are not guaranteed.

**Remote locations may have additional costs

Exchanges & Returns

Here at Re-VoltPowerSports, we want to make sure that your shopping experience is a successful one. If you are unsatisfied, we want to help you make it right.

We offer a 14-day exchange or store credit policy on all online purchases. All items must be returned in their original packaging and in a fully sellable condition. Returns are not accepted on motorized vehicles, trailers, boats, sale items, safety equipment (including but not limited to: helmets, chest protectors, knee pads, etc.), batteries, motor oils and other consumables. Shipping & Handling charges are not covered by our return policy and will not be refunded.

All deposits on pre-released items and existing inventory are refundable.

All special ordered items must be paid in full and are considered final sale. We do not accept returns on special ordered items.

Online Orders
In the event that you require an exchange or store credit for your online vehicle purchase, you must contact us at for a Return Authorization Number. Orders that are returned without an authorization number will be refused by our shipping department.

When you receive your order, please follow these guidelines:
Upon receipt of your new merchandise, please inspect it carefully as to contents and condition. All claims for damaged or missing items MUST be reported to Re-voltPowerSports within two (2) business days of receipt of merchandise.
In the event your package arrives damaged, it is the responsibility of the customer to contact the carrier to inspect the package to assure full refund/replacement. We cannot accept merchandise for return with completed warranty cards or damaged/missing collateral material. Do not throw away any of the packaging materials such as boxes, instructions, inserts, bags, etc. until the problem has been resolved.
Keep your Invoice with your important records.
Read all instruction manuals BEFORE testing your equipment.

Re-Volt Powersports will NOT be responsible for any consequential or incidental damage resulting from the sale or use of any merchandise bought from us. Our sole responsibility will only be the monetary value of the merchandise.


Product warranty depends on the brand that you are buying. Some brands offering substantial warranty periods. 
For example:

VORPAL,The best in the industry 5-year bicycle and 2 years electronics warranty, including Li-Ion battery.
Michael Blast, Surface604, T4B, offers1 years parts and 6 months battery.

We handle all warranty situations from our distrabution wharehouse location. To report warranty issue or simply schedule appointment with our tech please email at


Here are some of the answers to some of the most common questions people have about E-Bikes

E-Bikes, work the same as normal bike, you can pedal at any time without using the motor. When you’re ready for the motor to kick in, use the throttle or or the pedal assist to help.

Pedal-assist E-bikes are designed to activate the motor when the rider is pedaling. Throttle-assist E-bikes have the ability to generate full power on demand to give you that extra help to climb a hill or fighting strong headwinds. Ideally you would want your E-bike to be equipped to do both, which is the case with most of our models.

Our bikes will go 50-100 km depending on battery size. If you decide to pedal or you use the electric motor occasionally you will go even further. This depends on the rider’s weight and the terrain, but a good rule of thumb is at least 50 kms on throttle alone.

E-bikes will go up to 32kmh on just the motor alone. This is the Federal legal throttle limit for electric bicycles. With pedal assist you can go even faster

Electric biking is more fun and less intimidating, which increases the likelihood of getting out and enjoying the day. E-bikes are an excellent way to start enjoying a healthy life style.

Electric bikes are legal everywhere bicycles are legal. This includes riding on the street, obeying traffic laws.

From 4-12 hours depending on the battery size.

Each bike comes with a charger a little bigger than a laptop charger. You can easily carry this in a backpack or even a big coat pocket.

Yes. If the battery runs out, you can always pedal the bike normally. There is no added resistance from the motor or battery.

Our models are equipped with a lithium ion battery that has no “memory effect”, which means that you can charge the battery at any time regardless of its state of charge without doing damage to it. Ideally the battery should be stored with a full charge.


Maintained properly, LiFePo4 and Li-On batteries have been known to last 6 to 8 years of regular use. After this point the battery power diminishes, but doesn’t die on the spot. The most important thing you can do is to always store the battery between 40° and 110° F. 60% charge, it not recommended to store with no charge or full charge.


We are very stringent about the brands we carry. Warranties vary from brand to brand. Warranty information is provided depending on the brand in our web site. We are always here for you through the life of your bike!


If you’d like, you can ride the bike during any inclement weather. If you can handle it, the bike will handle it.


In most of our bikes, the motor is in the middle of the back wheel. Some of them have the motor in between the pedals. This is called mid-drive.


Somewhere between $1,500 and $6,000.


None. Aside from charging the battery, the electric system is robust and maintenance free. The bicycle is maintained just like a normal pedal bike.


Aside from our own expertise and service, we’ve selected bicycle brands that offer fast, easy, one-call answers for any issues with your bike.


Yes, Sign up for our promotions and specials page for the latest offers. Check out our promotions page for our current offers.


We hope this covers most of your questions. We’re happy to answer your questions personally and we’ll take as much time as needed to get you up to speed on electric bikes.